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Friday, 20 April 2012 10:42

Wheat Belly

Wheat Belly

by William Davis, M.D.


2011 by Rodale Books, NY, NY

ISBN 978-1-60961-154-5

292 pages $ 25.99



WheatBellyThe condemnations of many foods are common these days. So, for that matter, are the touted virtues of other foods.

Wheat is probably the pervasive element in a modern American diet. That it is at least unnecessary, and maybe pernicious is the theory of Dr. Davis. As celiac disease becomes more of an issue, the ingestion of wheat becomes known as inappropriate for some in our society. Beyond those who have have an actual allergy to wheat there are many others who might want to minimize wheat intake when managing diabetes and pre-diabetes conditions. But should everybody lay off the wheat? According to the author, the answer is yes.

Modern wheat—what we've been eating for a hundred years of so, bears little resemblance to the grain that formed the diet of so many of our ancestors, say Davis. And eating wheat products leads to our putting on too much weight, giving us too big a belly and creating too much dangerous around-the-middle fat.

Give up wheat altogether? Well, that may be the best perscription according to the doctor, but at least cutting back would be his recommendation. He makes a reasonable case for doing that and includes quite a few alternatives and recipes that actually sound palatable.

An interesting read, if not a life-changer.


--reviewed by Dan Clarke



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