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By Paul Kenny The easiest way to relieve the stress of cooking Thanksgiving dinner is to do it ahead of time.
TASTE News Service, September 13, 2017 -- Bristol Bay, Alaska, which is home to the largest wild sockeye salmon fishery in the world, yielded a harvest of over 37 million sockeye salmon this year.
By Mary Wilbur Have you noticed how good your produce is looking lately?
By Amelia Morán Ceja Moles come in various flavors and ingredients and each state in Mexico has its own version.
By Amelia Ceja We love Mexican cuisine and the dishes can vary from savory, sweet to spicy depending on the region in Mexico.
Recipe and Food Photography by Andrea Branchini Beets beat to the sound of their own drum. They are a vegetable unlike any other.
By Dan Clarke Cracked crab is one of nature’s sweetest bounties. Oh sure, there are crab salads, crab cakes, deviled crab and even crab soufflés, but for me there’s nothing like the simplicity of cracked Dungeness crab, a loaf of sourdough bread and a bottle of beer or a glass of wine.
By Clifford A. Wright - (Zester Daily) Thanksgiving side dishes can be a challenge for the host who wants to serve an impressive meal.
Paul Vossen, "Godfather of California Olive Oi" TASTE News Service, June 16, 2016 - Paul Vossen was dubbed the Godfather of California olive oil by members of that industry. He was dedicated to producing and promoting the state's olive oil as a healthful and flavorful product well worth a premium price. The UC Cooperative Extension horticulture advisor is retiring this month.
Chris suggests Portabella burgersTASTE News Service, May 17, 2016 - Blessed with a generous acid structure and smooth tannins, Barbera is known for its ability to pair with a wide variety of cooking styles, from pizza to haute cuisine. Taking up the challenge of such versatility, three wineries participating in the upcoming sixth annual Barbera Festival have shared favorite recipes. Each dish represents one of three dining experiences: formal, last-minute gathering, and the backyard gathering. These wineries, among the 80 from all over California that will gather June 11 to pour their interpretation of this Italian varietal, appreciate this food-friendly…
TASTE News Service May 13, 2016 - Winners have been announced for the 2016 California State Fair Commercial Cheese Competition. A panel of twelve qualified judges tasted and evaluated 169 California cheeses at Cal Expo on May 11, 2016. The 34 California cheese companies who entered the competition range from small artisan producers, to international distributors with large-scale production, but for this competition, it’s all about the product.
TASTE News Service April 22, 2016 - (Editor’s note: Taste California Travel will be sharing more recipes with you in the coming months. The recipe below comes from Betsy and David Lawer, who suggest this shellfish ceviche as the perfect appetizer to pair with their winery’s Rosé of Syrah.)
By Tina Caputo (Zester Daily) - March 28, 2016 - It's been more than 20 years since I moved from a suburb on the east side of Detroit to San Francisco, and there are a few things I miss about my childhood home. When I say "a few" I mean three: my family, warm summer nights and almond boneless chicken.
TASTE News Service, December 1, 2015 - C After putting its craft sheep butter on grocery store shelves in late 2014, the sheep dairy and farmstead creamery won first place in the craft butter category in the 2015 American Cheese Society Awards.
Cod with Strawberry Salsa TASTE News Service, November 2, 2015 - We're used to tossing strawberries into our shopping carts, but new research shows that this fruit may also keep us at our healthiest. As November kicks off both American Diabetes Month and National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month, new research indicates that eating strawberries regularly can be an effective way to help prevent and manage diseases that affect millions of Americans and their families.
by Joel L.A. Peterson My mother – the wonderful woman who adopted me despite already having four biological children of her own – was a bright, educated, and deeply thoughtful person. So she had been planning for my arrival from the orphanage in many ways. When I arrived from Korea as her new son, I was nearly seven years old, and my mother knew that Koreans did not eat the same breakfast that Americans typically ate. She reasoned that I was used to eating rice, not cold cereal with milk. But she didn’t want to serve me rice, which she…
Nuts-A "superfood" of 2015? TASTE News Service, December 19, 2014 – Will 2015 be gluten-free? Is Paleo out? Are we eating carbs yet? Is kale still the Queen of Greens or will nuts, seeds or cauliflower take the throne? The annual “What’s Trending in Nutrition” survey from Pollock Communications and Today’s Dietitian highlights what’s forecasted to be in – and what’s out – when it comes to nutrition and healthy eating in 2015. The survey of more than 500 registered dietitians, conducted by the nutrition trade magazine Today’s Dietitian and a leading food, health and wellness public relations agency, Pollock…
Just-picked Mandarins come down the chute for sorting by Dan Clarke At Mandarin Hill Orchards Tom Aguilar can show visitors trees planted by Welsh settlers in the 1880s. Main street in the little town of Penryn, which is about half a mile away, is English Colony Road. Just a few miles south are the communities of Orangevale and Citrus Heights. These days both are suburbs of Sacramento, but their identities harken to the era when they, too, were all about farming. Citrus orchards were prominent on both sides of the Placer-Sacramento County line and though it may seem incongruous, British…
TASTE News Service November 21, 2014 ― Gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye, has become the latest dietary villain, blamed for everything from forgetfulness to joint pain to weight gain.  But Consumer Reports is shedding light on common misconceptions about going gluten-free. The full report, “The Truth About Gluten,” is available online at and in the January 2015 issue of Consumer Reports, which hits newsstands next week. The report points out that a gluten-free claim doesn’t mean the product is necessarily more nutritious, it may actually be less so; that consumers may increase their exposure to…
Just peeled Hachiyas by Dan Clarke In 1911 Japanese immigrant Kitchitaro Kawano purchased 20-acres in southewestern Placer County. It was in the Rosedale Colony tract of Loomis and became known as Rosedale Farm in the early days. The Post Office now considers the same property to be in Granite Bay, a name most people in the area recognize as a very upscale Sacramento suburb near Folsom Lake. After clearing the land, Kitchitaro and his wife, Momi, planted mostly to persimmons and grapes with some pears and peaches included in their plans. After the bottom dropped out of the grape market…
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