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By Rachael Lucas Wine and cheese people can get into heated debates about what constitutes a good pairing. 
By Rachael Lucas Did you know migraine sufferers have been suffering a little extra lately? 
By Rachael Lucas Lately, indulging in happy hour has become a frequent occurrence.  As my happy hours tend to involve tastings, they have afforded me an opportunity to fine tune my palate and learn some stuff.    
TASTE News Service, July 7, 2020 – We obtained the following recipe from Wine Institute, a trade organization which represents most of the California wine industry. While they’ve suggested pan searing the salmon, you could grill outdoors and serve with the corn salad to equally good results.
By Rachael Lucas The artisan cheese industry suffers as Covid-19 plagues our existence. 
by Rachael Lucas One of Kenmore, Washington’s most treasured businesses is a local brewery called Cairn.  Cairn is run by a knowledgeable and sincere staff, and their rotating selection of brews is among the best I have ever had.  
by Rachael Lucas Scratch is a distillery and tasting room situated near the waterfront in Edmonds, WA. 
TASTE News Service, March 17, 2020 - Heart of the matter: Most baby vegetables are just that: infant versions of their adult selves.
By Rachael Lucas Working at a cooperative grocery store, I have witnessed first-hand the combat shopping that is occurring during this Corona Virus Pandemic scare. 
By Rachael Lucas I love being a cheese buyer.  Even though I have plenty of general and pedestrian fromage in my case, I also bring in cheese that titillates people’s senses in ways that they didn’t think possible. 
By Rachael Lucas When I was young, my mother had me tested for epilepsy because she was convinced that I was having olfactory hallucinations. 
Editor’s Note: Much of the editorial you see at Taste Publications will be new copy that is exclusive to us. However, we sometimes bring you information produced by other entities—especially when it seems as valid and timely as this article.
TASTE News Service, January 7, 2020 – The Brits like to say that tea is the solution to everything. They may have a point.
Editor's note: It's a wonderful season to be baking.
By Rachael Lucas I am in the business of ensuring that everyone else has a good holiday. 
By Rachael Lucas For some of us, winter truly is the most wonderful time of the year. 
TASTE News Service, December 4, 2019 – Taste California Travel’s editor has long been a fan of deviled eggs and has dressed them up with many embellishments. 
By Rachael Lucas It’s officially here—the dreaded cold season. Every Autumn, I can expect to spend a few weeks in snotty misery, and this Fall was no exception.
By Rachael Lucas It is no secret that Gouda (correctly pronounced howduh—use your glottis) is a widely popular category of cheese. 
By Rachael Lucas Fermented foods are meant for each other. 
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