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Bronze Torch Tomato Of The Year

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TASTE News Service, February 2. 2022 -  Sometimes Tomatomania! has the pleasure of wading through a whole boatload of outstanding candidates that amaze them during a season.

In other years they struggle to find a true frontrunner. This past summer they had several solid choices but in the end there was no contest. They chose Bronze Torch as their Tomato of the Year for 2022.

In only its first year in their trials, just one bite of this beautiful elongated cherry or grape style fruit induced eye rolls and sighs and all the reactions you might expect when tasting something truly delicious and unique right from the garden.

Brick red with dark green and gold striping, the color intensifying through the season, its sweet and complete tomato taste literally leaves mouth agape. It’s hard to say exactly what it is about the taste that’s so alluring but you just know you’ve not tasted a cherry like this one before.

It’s comfortable in both a large container or in the garden, excelling in both venues. Fruit arrives early and home gardeners can expect to harvest all summer long and well into the fall season. The 2” fruit is in the style of perennial favorites like Juliet or Blush. A long cherry, often with a pointed end, this plant produces heavily on a light airy frame. It’s an indeterminate variety and will begin to produce around 70 days. The foliage is tidy and perky and in their trials the largest plant was not much over 4’ tall.

Use it in salads, make a memorable sauce, roast it for myriad uses, chop it for salsa etc. but its true excellence is in an unadorned state. Just eat it right from the plant. Don’t bother with salt. Tomatomania says they couldn’t be happier to celebrate such a marvel of a tomato. The first true cherry style in their Hall of Fame line up, they are sure it will earn its place in your hearts and garden this season.

About Tomatomania!

Each Tomatomania! event is unique, with the largest and longest running California seedling sale, welcoming thousands of tomato lovers to an annual tomato extravaganza showcasing more than 300 heirloom and hybrid tomato varieties. Featuring everything from pots and fertilizer to stakes and enthusiastic expert advice, their events are the one-stop shop for growing great-tasting tomatoes in your own backyard.

Leading the team of tomatomaniacs is Scott Daigre, owner of Powerplant Garden Design based in Ojai, California. He has been running Tomatomania for 20 years. Scott is the author of the best-selling book “Tomatomania: A Fresh Approach to Celebrating Tomatoes in the Garden” A dedicated home gardener, Scott shares his love of digging in the dirt through event appearances, speaking engagements, books, and videos that offer tools and tips for amateur and veteran gardeners alike.

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