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Sunday, 18 August 2019 08:15

Wine Pick of the Week

2018 Chenin Blanc

Saturday, 28 January 2017 15:37

Wine Pick of the Week

Dry Creek Vineyard 2016 CheninBlanc Picmonkey

2016 Dry Chenin Blanc


Dry Creek Vineyard


Alcohol: 13%

Suggested Retail: $15

Saturday, 08 August 2015 11:36

August 7, 2015 Wine Pick of the Week

Dry Creek V Chenin Bottle home shot Picmonkey

2014 Dry Chenin Blanc


Dry Creek Vineyard


Alcohol: 13%

Suggested Retail: $12


“Perhaps no winery has done a greater job with Chenin Blanc over the years than Dry Creek Vineyard. Though their winery is in the Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma County, they get their Chenin Blanc grapes from the Clarksburg appellation, which is inland and just southwest of the City of Sacramento. To be more specific, the fruit comes from the Wilson Ranch, which is run by a family that has been farming in this area for generations.

“Chenin Blanc is a significant variety in the Loire Valley of France, where it is made into sparkling wines and still wines of varying degrees of sweetness. Once widely-planted in the Napa Valley, this grape fell out of favor as Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon surged in popularity. American consumers are fortunate that Dry Creek Vineyard and a handful other California wineries kept their commitment to Chenin Blanc.

“This week’s ‘Pick,’ the 2014 Dry Chenin Blanc, actually has just a hint of sweetness in it (residual sugar measured at .6%). As with quality German Rieslings, the sugar is appropriate and balanced by a high acidity level. The net effect is a very spritely wine that is suitable as an apéritif or as a complement to many main courses. The aroma is reminiscent of white peaches, nectarines and melon. The taste reprises those fruits against a backdrop of subtle minerality. The overall effect is one of freshness, clean flavors and a hard-to-define ‘brightness.’ “

Food Affinity: “Your reviewer was a frequent judge at an annual contest pairing wines with oysters that was organized by Seattle's John Rowley. Entries included Sauvignon Blancs, Chardonnays and a few other white varieties. After the entrants had been pared considerably in preliminary rounds, we judges were charged with surveying dozens of the remaining wines to come up the 10 best for oysters. It seemed the Dry Creek Chenin Blanc was always on the list. So, though perfect with oysters, you could also pour with trout almandine, or that wonderful French goat cheese that comes in a pyramid shape and is covered with ashes--or any similar cheese from one of California’s artisan cheesemakers. But the food needn’t be exotic. This wine would also be great with any American grandma’s fried chicken recipe.”

Friday, 23 May 2014 09:26

Clarksburg Chenin Blanc Sparks Revolution

Chenin Blanc Tasters at Revolution PicmonkeyClose inspections before the first sips

TASTE News Service May 23, 2014 - Chenin Blanc may be considered the signature grape of Clarksburg.

Though trendier varieties account for more vineyard acreage in the Clarksburg region, this area just southwest of Sacramento is believed to be one of the few areas in the world capable of producing great Chenin Blanc. Grown in other parts of the world, too—most notably in France's Loire Valley and in South Africa, where it was first planted in 1655 and is also known as “Steen,” this white wine variety is versatile and can be made into sparkling wine, both dry and off-dry table wine styles and even late-harvest dessert wines.

On Tuesday, Chenin fans in the know visited Revolution, an urban winery near the corner of 29th and S Streets in Sacramento, where they had opportunity to sample an array of Chenin Blanc wines. All were grown in the Clarksburg area, though some were actually vinified by wineries in other parts of the state. While Revolution Wines also makes other varieties, its overall production is small. Their 2013 Chenin Blanc (about 300 cases produced) scored quite a coup recently when it was chosen as one of the 10 best West Coast wines to enjoy with oysters. The annual competition, sponsored by Taylor Shellfish in Washington, is usually dominated by leaner versions of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, with an occasional Pinot Grigio or Semillon in the mix. A frequent winner in past years has been a Chenin Blanc made from Clarksburg fruit by the Sonoma's Dry Creek Vineyard. This year Dry Creek was not among the top ten, but Revolution's entry was. It was poured at the Sacramento tasting, as were Chenin Blancs made in various styles from other producers. A few of them blended with the white Rhône grape Viognier showed a more aromatic side to their personalites.

Slow Food rep and David Baker PicmonkeyCharity Kenyon of Slow Food and David Baker share concerns about sustainability

One of the sponsors of this tasting was GRAS, an acronym for “Green Restaurant Alliance Sacramento,” whose mission includes educating both the public and the restaurant community about sustainable practices for the restaurant industry. David Baker, who heads the wine program for Selland's Market and Café, is also the director and a co-founder of GRAS and has the ambitious goal of returning all the community's restaurant waste to the land via composting.


Editor's note: Want to learn more about this wine region? In the Central Valley sections of Taste California Travel's Resource Directory you will find links to the websites of Clarksburg and Delta wineries, as well as links to hundreds of Lodging and Dining options in the Sacramento area. The Directory has recently added a section for craft beer purveyors, too.

Friday, 25 January 2013 19:13

January 04, 2013 Wine Pick of the Week

Dry Creek 2011 Chenin Blanc Bottle Picmonkey

2011 Dry Chenin Blanc


Producer: Dry Creek Vineyard

Appellation: Clarksburg

Alcohol: 12.5%

Suggested Retail: $12


“Dry Creek Vineyard is situated, fittingly enough, in the Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma County, but for years the winery has sourced Chenin Blanc grapes from an area more than a two-hour drive to the southeast. Clarksburg's vineyards lie along the banks of the Sacramento River just south of the State Captiol. Other grape varieties grown there produce good quality wines, but Chenin Blanc is the star of their show. Once very popular in California when made in a slightly sweet style, Chenin Blanc fell out of favor a couple of decades ago. What a shame. Wines like this dry Chenin Blanc merit comparison to examples from France's Loire Valley. They're worthy alternatives to the ubiquitous Chardonnay and much more affordable, but they deserve recognition for their own qualities.”

“The 2011 Dry Creek Chenin Blanc exhibits aromas of melon, with a little peach and citrus. Crisp and clean favors reminiscent of apple and citrus are there. Serve chilled, but not too col, so that the minerality will show through.”

Food Affinity: Would be fine with many chicken and fish dishes and even lighter treatments of veal. It's an absolutely wonderful choice with oysters and has been a frequent winner in a nationwide oyster and wine pairing competition sponsored by Washington's Taylor Shellfish Company.

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