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N/V Moscato

C.K Mondavi and Family


Alcohol: 11%

Suggested Retail $6.99


“We didn’t expect much when opening this wine. Perhaps it was the price (just $6.99 at full retail) or maybe the fact that we presumed it to be a somewhat sweet white wine—a category we’d rarely explore.

“The non-vintage (N/V) C.K. Mondavi and Family Moscato surprised us. Yes, it’s inexpensive and it is sweet, but we found it very appealing. The aroma is quite floral and we’d describe the flavor as ‘bright,’ (a liveliness which we think can be attributed to good acidity offsetting the sweetness).  It’s a sweetness that ought not be disdained, as this wine isn’t overly sweet or cloying. Other desirable beverages can be sweet too. A cold glass of Coca Cola, for instance, has some sweetness, but also shows a lively flavor and effervescence (best pairing ever with a grilled cheese sandwich).

“So when would you drink this C.K. Mondavi Moscato? We think it a chilled glass would be an appealing before-dinner aperitivo. It might also work with hot and spicy Asian dishes and definitely could accompany fresh fruit as an alternative to sweet, heavy desserts.”

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