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Prosecco Brut


Bartenura Wines

Alcohol: 11.5%

Estimated retail: $18

“Sparkling wine is the phrase used to describe the overall category of wines that show some carbonation. In the case of most quality sparklers, this comes as a natural byproduct of the winemaking process. In other wines—some of them very good---carbonation can be added before the product meets grocery and liquor store shelves.

“Champagne is the most famous and most prestigious of sparkling wines. Producers from the Champagne region of France are understandably put off by bubbly wines from other parts of the world appropriating their identity when using the Champagne name. However, quality sparkling wine is made in many parts of the world without ripping off that Champagne name. Your reviewer has enjoyed outstanding examples in this category from California (some from wineries having part or whole ownership of traditional Champagne houses) and from the states of Washington, Idaho and even New Mexico. Other parts of the world also produce quality sparkling wines. Prominent among these is Prosecco which comes from the northeastern part of Italy. Its home, the village of Prosecco, is near to the city of Trieste. In December, Fortune magazine declared Prosecco “the best-selling sparkling wine in the world by volume.”

“The primary component of Prosecco Glera, a white wine grape once known simply as Prosecco. Up to 15% of a bottle of Prosecco’s composition can come from other grapes. This category includes Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir and five other varietals generally unknown to Americans. This sparkling wine category doesn’t have the yeasty complexities of Champagne, but does celebrate the freshness sparkling wines can exhibit.

“Though the back label describes this wine as a ‘Brut,’ ordinarily indicating a quite dry style, it seemed less so to our taste—not sweet, of course, but rather like the current descriptor ‘off-dry.’ Its effervescence seemed a bit understated, also, but there was enough acidity to make this a sprightly drink. All-in-all we found this an appealing wine, showing fresh fruit qualities reminiscent of melon, apple and white peaches

“The Bartenura Prosecco is a reasonable choice if you’re looking for a quality sparkling wine at a not-too-intimidating price.”

Food Affinity: “Would be a worthy aperitivo with salted almonds or bruschetta. Almost any lighter fish or fowl dinner would be an appropriate main course pairing.”

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