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Wednesday, 23 September 2015 18:00

And Now for Something Completely Different

by Dan Clarke

Spirit Works Sloe Gin bottle and glass PicmonkeyFor three decades I’ve been writing about wine. This has meant a lot of tasting. Not necessarily drinking, mind you, but tasting. It’s not the dream job some might think, but it’s more fun than many I’ve had. And you can’t spend that much time in any endeavor without developing some skill. Tasting and analyzing wine comes naturally at this point. 

I like gin. My preferred brand is Beefeater. In the summer I drink it with tonic and a lime. I also drink gin in a Martini. While I enjoy gin and other hard liquors, I don’t profess expertise in the spirits arena. Nevertheless, when I had the chance to sample sloe gin from Spirit Works, the Sebastopol, California distillery, I didn’t hesitate.

Long ago I met a blind date at a bar near the airport. She was a stewardess who’d flown in to San Francisco for just a couple of days. This was in a time when that job description was not a pejorative. Stewardesses were respected. They seemed worldly and well-traveled. And they usually were good looking. We went out on town with the couple who had introduced us. While I don’t remember my date’s name, or where we went to dinner, I do recall that her drink of choice was sloe gin and ginger ale.

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