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Saturday, 01 February 2020 18:35

Point of Brew --- Michael J. Lewis

To Avoid Fleas Beware the Company of Dogs

Saturday, 28 January 2017 15:25

Beer Pick of the Week

New Belgium Accumulation Picmonkey



New Belgium Brewing

Ft. Collins, CO

Style: White IPA

Alcohol: 6.2%

IBUs: 55

Serving Style: 12-ounce bottles and kegs

Availability: Seasonal--winter

Wednesday, 04 February 2015 11:33

January 30, 2015 Beer Pick of the Week

New Belgium Brett Picmonkey

Trip XX Dry-Hopped Brett

New Belgium

Ft. Collins, Colorado

Style: American Wild Ale

Alcohol: 6.2%

IBUs: 30

Serving Style: Kegs

Availability: Last in a series of 20 collaborations with Elysian Brewing of Seattle. New Belgium no distributes in most states of the union, but this one might be hard to find.


Appearance:  “Copper or dark amber in color. Not too much head, but some nice residual lacing.”

Aroma:  “The Brett (or Brettanomyces) and ‘sourness’ very apparent in the nose.”

Taste:  “Maltiness—some caramel and just a wisp of grapefruit zest. Intriguing creaminess, though there’s still some sparkle of carbonation showing through.”

Food Affinity:  “Cheeses: Muenster or Asiago. Salted Spanish Marcona almonds. Maybe even curried deviled eggs.”


Reviewer Dan Clarke enjoyed this beer while visiting Washington Wine Country

Sunday, 16 November 2014 18:59

November 14, 2014 Beer Pick of the Week

New Belgium 1554 Picmonkey

New Belgium 1554


New Belgium Brewing Co

Ft. Collins, Colorado

Style: Black Ale

Alcohol: 5.6%

IBUs: 21

Serving Style: 12-ounce bottles

Availability: Nationwide


Appearance:  “I like the color. There's a little light to it. It's not black, but it's down there. No a big head like Guinness some beers of similar color.”

Aroma:  “It has a light nose than I would have expected. Enticing, 'smooth' smell lets you know it will be a little softer.”

Taste:  “Very flavorful, but not slap-you-in-the-head. A bit of chocolate in the finish.”

Food Affinity:  “Would be at home with sandwich fare—a French Dip or a good ham and cheese.”

RST Nov 2014 Picmonkey


Reviewer Ray Thompson is a retired lawyer in Sacramento (and played on the wing for Dartmouth and the Sacramento Old Boys)

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