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Dust Bowl Brewing

Turlock, CA

Style: Fruited Blonde Ale

Alcohol: 4.5%

IBUs: 10

Serving Style: 12 oz cans, 5.2 and 15 gal kegs

Availability: Year-round in much of CA and Nevada

Dust Bowl Kash Crop Picmonkey


Appearance:   “I’d call it a light golden shade. Lots of bubbles. There was a nice white head, but it disappeared pretty quickly.”

Aroma:   “The can has the words ORANGE and MANGO on the front and I think there’s some citrus and tropical fruit in there, but it’s much fainter than I would have expected.“

Taste:   “The fruit aspect seems much more prominent in the taste than in the nose. It kind of reminds me of a Creamsicle, that vanilla ice cream on a stick that was wrapped in something more like an orange popsicle. I liked those as a kid and probably would have wanted to be drinking beer if Kash-Crop were available when I was 10 years old. Maybe it’s not a ‘serious’ beer, but I like it as a summertime quaffer. It finishes a little sweet, but it goes down easy and is fairly light in alcohol.”

Food Affinity:   “With the citrus and tropical fruit personality, I think of the Islands. How about Hawaiian Pu Pu chicken wings or a spicy ahi poke?”


                    --Guest reviewer Jimmy Watanabe is a retired civil servant


Editor’s note: Taste California Travel’s layout requires a horizontal image at the top of each feature. We’re tired of turning photos of cans and bottle sideways to accommodate this format so we found a photo of girls tasting at the Dust Bowl Tap Room to run at top of the page. We don’t know them or know what they were drinking.

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