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Peace, Love & Haze

Dust Bowl Brewing Co.

Turlock, CA

Style: Hazy IPA

Alcohol: 6.3%

IBU: 28

Serving style: Bottles, cans and kegs (our sample from can)

Availability: Year-round in Northern California


Appearance:    “Well, it’s cloudy, that’s for sure—is that the haze?  The color is deeper than yellow. How about calling it apricot?”

Aroma:   “It’s citrussy,  but there’s more there. Something like pineapple or more exotic tropical fruits, maybe.”

Taste:   “I like the fruit aspects. It should be a good summertime drink. It seems refreshing, but it isn’t too light. There’s some oomph there.”

Food Affinity:   “I’d say maybe grilled chicken. Yes, some chicken or fish dishes, especially if they included fruit in the preparation.”

Guest reviewer Mandy Carter was actually wearing a tie-dyed T shirt the day we asked her to sample this beer. Mandy is now a fairly conservative office manager, but says she enjoyed rock concerts in Golden Gate Park back in the day.

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