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Humm Zinger

Deschutes Brewery (with Humm Kombucha)

Bend, Oregon

Style: Shandy/Radler variant

Alcohol: 4.3%

IBUs: 12

Serving style: 12-ounce cans

Availability: West Coast and much of the U.S.


Appearance:   “Light golden color. Normal white head. Similar to any typical lager, I’d say.”

Aroma:   “It’s definitely citrussy, but maybe more like grapefruit than orange.”

Taste:   “This is good—it’s refreshing. I didn’t really know what Kombucha was. I thought it was something only health faddists or maybe hippie cults used until I saw someone giving out Kombucha samples in a supermarket. Then I figured it was legal, at least, but not something I wanted to try.

Whatever it is that the Kombucha adds to the beer, this drink reminds me of shandies that are popular in Britain in the summer. It seems fairly light in alcohol, but not insipid like most light beers. This is thirst-quenching, but there’s more to it than that—it actually tastes good.”

Food Affinity:   “Well it’s a summery sort of drink, so what do we eat when it’s hot out? Chips and dips? I like shrimp cocktails—that might work. I think I drank a few shandies with fish and chips in England, so I’m sure most fried or grilled fish dishes on the Pacific Coast would be as worthy.”


              --Guest reviewer Simon Etheredge moved to the United States a decade ago. He installs drywall in Northern California.

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