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Harp Lager

Guinness Ltd.

Dundalk, Ireland

Style: Lager

Alcohol: 5%


Serving style: Kegs and 12-ounce bottles

Availability: Year-round internationally


Appearance:   “Clear gold color. Typical white head, perhaps ½ to 1-inch deep.”

Aroma: “Well, it’s a lager, so you wouldn’t expect too much aroma, but there’s some malt apparent, with a little ‘bready’ or ‘biscuity’ quality (like Champagne). A sniff seems to promise something sparkly, lively to follow.”

Taste:   “It’s crisp. That’s the first impression. There’s lively carbonation that lasts all the way through to the finish.”

Food Affinity:   “Lagers are probably the easiest beers to serve with foods, since they’re more subtle than powerful. They won’t overpower—or even compete with—most dishes. I’m thinking things from the sea; good fish & chips with a light, fresh beer batter. It wouldn’t be a bad drink to enjoy with fresh oysters, either.”


         --Guest reviewer Domenic Reilly tends bar in Los Angeles

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