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Pancho Imperial Stout

Dust Bowl Brewing

Turlock, CA

Style: Imperial Stout

Alcohol: 10.1%


Serving Style: kegs and 16-oz cans

Availability: Seasonal. Good dist. In Central and Northern California, and parts of So. Calif, Nevada and Oklahoma


Appearance:   “More dark brown than black. Good beige-to-tan head.”

Aroma:   “Lots going on here. The spec sheet you showed me said that it’s brewed with cacao nibs, Ancho chiles and cinnamon. I probably wouldn’t have been able to identify all three without knowing beforehand, but I think I might have guessed some chile was in there.”

Taste:   “You know, if I’d just heard the story and the added unusual ingredients (the brewery has an apocryphal reference to a relative who supposedly went to Mexico chasing Pancho Villa, but never returned), I’d have probably dismissed this beer as ‘gimmicky,’ but I think it’s really good. It’s certainly high in alcohol, but doesn’t taste hot. The chocolately taste, along with the cinnamon and, especially, the Ancho chiles add a complexity without compromising the legitimate rich stout personality.”

Food Affinity:   “None. Just sip it slowly while enjoying a good book in front of the fireplace.”


     --Guest reviewer Adam Carson writes novels from his home in the San Joaquin Valley

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