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Dust Bowl Lateral 3 latest Picmonkey

Lateral 3


Dust Bowl Brewing Co.

Turlock, CA

Style: IPA

Alcohol: 8.5%

IBUs: 50

Serving Style: 16-0zz. Cans and draft

Availability: Central and Northern California dist. Third in a series of hazy IPA variations

Appearance:   “Golden color with an ivory or off-white head. Does seem a little ‘hazy,’ though I don’t know I’d have even picked that up had I not read that on the can.”

Aroma:   “Quite citrussy—maybe a little orange quality, but I’d say it seems more sharp and lemony (maybe grapefruity).”

Taste:   “Crisp from the citrus-related hops, but smooth enjoy to rein in that part of its personality. Seems balanced and drinkable in spite of the relatively high alcohol level of 8.5%.”

Food Affinity:   “Some dish with a citrus quotient, but a strong enough presence not to get overpowered. Maybe lemon chicken or hot wings with a blue cheese dressing.”


       --Guest reviewer Marilyn Mercer is an office manager in California’s Central Valley

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