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KonaGold Cliff IPA 1 Picmonkey

Gold Cliff IPA


Kona Brewing Co.

Kona, Hawaii

Style: IPA

Alcohol: 7.2%

IBUs: Unknown

Serving Style: kegs, 12-oz. bottles

Availability: Year-round nationwide

Appearance:   “It’s a medium gold, I’d say. The head is a fluffy white color. That head is big at first, but settles down after a while.”

Aroma:   “Citrussy hops seems the dominant aroma, but maybe there’s a little malt in the background, too.”

Taste:   “There’s a bracing hoppiness that is the first impression, yet it’s not excessively hoppy. The label indicates that some pineapple is added. There’s something different and very appealing about the taste of this beer. While I can’t specifically identify it as pineapple, that may be the not-so-secret ingredient that makes the difference. The Gold Cliff IPA has that quality where one drink invites another.”

Food Affinity:   “I think pork—either slow-roasted or grilled—would be a natural pairing, especially if prepared with a fruity marinade or a fruit garnish at the table.”


       --Guest reviewer Louis Silva is a former commercial fisherman who’s now painting for a living

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