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Confused Therapist


Dust Bowl Brewing Co.

Turlock, CA

Style: Imperial IPA

Alcohol: 19.4%


Serving style: 16 oz. cans

Availability: Year-round in central and northern California

Appearance:   “Color is a deep, orangey amber, I’d say. There’s a substantial creamy white head that seems to be lasting. Body of the liquid is a bit hazy, rather than crystal clear. Medium carbonation”

Aroma:   “Hoppy, no doubt of that. There’s some citrus personality there, but it’s dominated by the presence of pineapple.”

Taste:   “At 10 percent alcohol, it’s certainly a big one, but the alcohol doesn’t seem to overpower on the palate. There’s a substantial mouthfeel. Some sweetness seems to be there, but not too much. While the alcohol isn’t hot or offensive in the mouth, you begin to realize its presence after you’ve been sipping a while. One more can of this and I’ll have to go home and take a nap.”

Food Affinity:   “Ten percent alcohol is huge for beer, but quite light for a wine (perhaps like a German Riesling), so perhaps the booze level shouldn’t disqualify it as a food-pairer. A bowl of chili and some corn bread might be good. Maybe with chips and some Guacamole that’s heavy on the jalapeños.”


      --Guest Reviewer Larry Johnson tends bar in a beer-centric establishment

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