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North Coast Pranquester Picmonkey



North Coast Brewing

Ft. Bragg, CA

Style: Belgian style golden ale

Alcohol: 7.6%

IBUs: 20

Serving style: bottles (12 oz and 750ml) and kegs

Availability: Year-round throughout West Coast

Appearance:   “It’s a soft gold color, with a nice ivory head.”

Aroma:   “It’s quite floral. I get some yeastiness with pear and apple scents.”

Taste:   “Creamy and a tad sweet, but there’s a bit of brown spice in the middle, too. Refreshing, but with a substance that gives some gravity to an otherwise light-appearing beer.”

Food Affinity:   “Well, playing on the Belgian angle, I’d want to drink this with a big bowl of mussels with the fries on the side.”


Guest reviewer Molly Jensen is a schoolteacher who developed a taste for good beer when living in Europe a decade ago

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