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21st Amendment Brewery

San Francisco

Style: Mexican lager

Alcohol: 4.8%

IBUs: 19

Serving style: kegs and 12-oz cans

Availability: Year-round

Appearance:   “Nice golden shade with a quickly fading white head. Bubbles are visible, promising good carbonation.

Aroma:   “Frankly, I can’t smell anything.”

Taste:   “This is bright and crisp. It’s light and refreshing, but so are a lot of thirst-quenchers. This actually has some personality. It finishes long and clean.”

Food Affinity:   “This would pair with a lot of dishes. I’m thinking ceviche or chips with freshly-made mango salsa. Maybe simply grilled snapper or rock cod.”


                         --Guest reviewer Virginia Lambert is working on her first cookbook.

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