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Sierra Nevada Summerfest Picmonkey 2



Sierra Nevada Brewery

Chico, CA

Style: Lager

Alcohol: 5%

IBUs: 28

Serving Style: 12-ounce bottles, kegs

Availability: Seasonal in most of the U.S.

Appearance:   “I’d say it’s a light golden shade. Medium white head.”

Aroma:   “It smells like beer. I think there’s some presence of hops.”

Taste:   “It’s not startling—more like what I’d like a lighter, thirst-quenching beer to me. There’s a little extra ‘crispness’ to this though. Some light beers taste a bit sweet—even sometimes ‘soapy.’ This one doesn’t. It’s a taste I like. It’s perfect in this 100-degree Sacramento weather.”

Food Affinity:   “With a beer like this you could pair with a lot of different things, from mild dishes to something really hot/spicy like Jalapeño Poppers. Maybe if I were to serve it with dinner I’d pick something like pork chops with sautéed onions and bell peppers.”


                   --Guest reviewer Katrina Szaz is a restaurant beer and food server.

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