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Editor’s note: Lately, TASTE has been considering the issue of non-alcoholic beers. In chatting with our very learned columnist, Dr.  Michael Lewis, we discovered he has a background in this non-alcoholic business dating back to its very early days. Perhaps you will enjoy his column on the topic that he penned in November of 2016.
New Kinds of Beers To Get Used To
By Dan Clarke Add a book review section to an online magazine and you’ll get pitches on behalf of a lot of stuff you wouldn’t want to read, let alone write about. 
Beating Microbes Takes Time and Patience.
Tariffs and bubbles; roiling the beer market
Brewers Boast Better Beards
TASTE News Service, April 14, 2020 — The Brewers Association (BA)—the trade association representing small and independent American craft brewers—today released annual growth figures for the U.S. craft brewing industry.
A Brewery Fermentation and Herd Immunity Porton Down! When I read those words my chest tightened, my heart beat a little faster, breath came in a rush and I broke a sweat.
Comments From a Mini-Meeting of Brewers
Coronavirus affects beer sales I have recently returned from a trip that involved “overseas travel” and a “cruise ship.” 
To Avoid Fleas Beware the Company of Dogs
Over the Christmas break I realized that the e-mail address at the end of this column, for reasons that I would not understand and don’t much care about, has gone dark.
Advent and the Appropriate Use of Beer. This is the time of year when I wear my Santa hat. I like doing that.
There’s Cool and There’s Smithsonian Cool When I was a young man only the wealthy went to university to “find themselves.”
Water Quality Concerns Flow to the Supreme Court.
The Secret to Oktoberfest: 3L2P
Taxes, Hard Seltzers and Other Alcoholic Oddities.
High crimes and high alcohol beers
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