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Monday, 09 July 2012 15:04

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Welcome to Taste California Travel, or maybe I should say the new Taste California Travel, as there was an earlier version. The original was one of several publications we created over the last 27 years. Much has changed in the world of wine, food and travel since we began. And much has changed in the world of publishing, too. For that we are grateful, because modern web technology means we can bring you a better and more exciting product than we did in the old ink-on-paper days.

Always known for our lively editorial, we'll continue to entertain, as well as inform. Some of our old contributors will reappear and new voices will be added to the mix.

Planning a trip to California? Or maybe you already live in the state, but want to discover something new. Either way, we hope our Calendar of Events and Drives and Destinations features will give you the flavor of many different takes on the California experience.

Of course, we'll concentrate on wine, but we'll also explore the expanding craft beer scene and include the occasional piece on spirits. Features on many of California's great chefs and restaurants are coming your way, as are recipes and tips for those who enjoy cooking at home.

We are in the process of refreshing our Resource Directory. This remarkable section includes a link to the website of every California winery—all 3,500 of them! Links to thousands of lodging and dining options are also there, all of them organized geographically so it is easy to find just what you're looking for.

We're a “work in progress.” If you have a suggestion on how we can make Taste California Travel more useful to you, we'll be happy to hear about it.


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